How to Record Your Streaming Audio or Video for Transcription

With so many software options for ripping an audio/video stream, the choices are really endless. There are dozens of free programs to take advantage of (but do your research) and even more programs that you can purchase for a reasonable price. Below you'll discover two recommended types of freeware as well as an additional type of software available for purchase. All three programs will allow you to record your streaming audio or video in order to have it transcription-ready.


Streamripper: Use this Windows-friendly freeware to rip (copy) the following types streams: MP3, NSV (Nullsoft Streaming Video), AAC (Shoutcast/Icecast), and OGG.

StreamHijacker: This open source application is also Windows-friendly and can copy the following types audio and video: MP3, NSV, AAC (Shoutcast/Icecast), AAC+, and MPEG. Supported formats also include: HTTP/1.1 protocol, WMV, WMA, PLS downloading, and PLS/M3U playlists. Additional benefits: StreamHijacker allows you to schedule your recordings, download immediately, and execute playlist file downloading.

For Purchase

Replay AV: Supports: MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, & AAC. Can also record iTunes radio stations, XM and Sirius radio, podcasts, Flash videos, Windows media, Real audio/video streams, and NSV (Nullsoft Streaming Video). Replay AV even has a menu option labeled as their "Replay Media Guide" which can guide you through the process of recording radio shows, online radio stations, podcasts (59,000+), internet TV stations (500+), and more.

Another great feature about Replay AV is that within the program there's a feature called "YouSendIt Express"—a quick and easy tool that allows you to e-mail whatever media file you just recorded to anyone you'd like, including your transcription service. Replay AV has a very user-friendly format and you can record any audio or video in no time at all. To get started, view the basic tutorial below (10 easy steps) which gives instructions on how to record streaming audio.

  1. Once Replay AV is open, click on "Open Recording Wizard" (lower lefthand corner).
  2. Underneath the phrase "What would you like to do?" you will see a menu of choices which includes: Record something right now, Schedule something to record later, Browse the Media Guide, and Add a Media Pak (group of related shows). Click on "Record something right now."
  3. Underneath the phrase "What would you like to do?" click on "Record audio you're hearing now."
  4. You'll be given two further options: You can either "Capture an audio clip or archive from the internet using Stream Capture" or "Record what you're hearing now by Recording Audio Output from your Sound Card." Click on the second choice.
  5. Next, you'll see a pop-up box labeled "Record Audio." Under the "Basic" tab you'll have the opportunity to customize your recording specifications: A) Name the audio you're about to record ("Name of Show") B) Choose your format, such as MP3 ("Record to this Format") C) You'll see an option that says "After recording, convert to…" (you can choose "Nothing – Leave As Is" or you can specify which type of audio format you prefer) D) Tell the program how long to record ("Record for _____ hours and _____ minutes"; the default time is normally 5 minutes)
  6. If you're done with your selections, click "Okay." Otherwise, visit the other tabs to make further requests. The other tabs are labeled: Recording, Output, Splitting, Tags, Audio Options.
  7. The next pop-up window is the Replay AV main menu. Here, it will show you that your audio program is recording.
  8. When ready to stop the recording, left click on the audio file that you wish to stop (you'll see your audio file listed on the Replay AV main menu) and then click "Stop Record/Download" from the drop-down menu of options.
  9. The next pop-up will ask "Would you like to save the current recording?" Click "yes."
  10. Finally, left click again on your audio file. Click "Play Last Recording" and the final pop-up will begin playing your recently recorded audio.

In Conclusion

Find a program that works for you and you'll be able to easily record valuable streaming audio/video for future transcription.


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